you turnYouTurn was developed by American classical pianist Katerina Querriera as a solution to the problems that she, along with thousands of musicians around the world, are only too familiar with.

Now with YouTurn, musicians no longer have to hassle with floppy music pages, music books that won’t lay flat, music sheets that fly away or photocopying and taping their music sheets. YouTurn is the solution to all your music page problems!


Simply remove the magnet from the strap by rotating it clockwise and then place it directly on your stand. ( For music stands that are not magnetic such as Manhasset stands, the strap may be hooked on to either the stand itself, or to a folder or binder and placed on your stand. ) Alternatively, remove the magnet from the strap, place the metal strap on the BACK surface of the stand, while at the same time the magnet on the FRONT surface of the stand. The magnet will be attracted to the metal strap on the back side of the stand.
If you are using thin sheet music and are performing outdoors in windy conditions, use AT LEAST TWO clips on the first and last pages of your sheet music.
YouTurn is designed to work in any part of your book. When you reach the middle of the book, try placing the strap inside the first quarter of the book, rather than right in the middle. Remember, YouTurn is strong enough to work through 20 sheets (40 pages depending on thickness). So, for example, you are working on a piece on page 50 of 100. Balance the book by placing YouTurn between pages 30-40 rather than right at page 50. Or, vice versa, if you need the right side of the book to stay flat, place YouTurn between pages 60-70 until the book is balanced.
With YouTurn, the musician can turn pages while still keeping their music open and flat. With other products, the musician must remove the page holder to turn the page or pages. Such is the case with clothes pins and music clips where the musician is able to only read two pages of music at a time.
YouTurn product will last a lifetime if used correctly. Please note that the magnet is ceramic and may break, chip or crack if dropped on a hard surface.